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Thailand Lawyers network

Poovong Posai
Poovong Posai

About the Lawyers Network of Thailand

Hello, I'm Lawyer Poovong Phosai, Chairman of the Lawyer Network. I have been authorized to be a lawyer from 1988 to the present. I am the Managing Director of Siam International Law Office, which serves foreign and Thai clients and also, directors of the Lawyers Network Co., Ltd. I have gathered lawyers in all provinces to work together to provide services to the people. Under

Save, because lawyer members in our network Pay in every province Every area in the jurisdiction throughout the country Lawyers do not have to travel far. Go to work for you Save travel expenses, accommodation

Convenient,  because the lawyer members in the network can travel to meet you at home or work within 30 minutes in Bangkok or 1 hour in other provinces.

Fast, because we choose a member near you. And near the court Our lawyers can travel to the court to submit a pleading within 1 hour in both Bangkok and other provinces.

Safe, because the lawyer network selects and collects information such as a copy of the lawyer's license, a copy of the house registration, a photo of the lawyer's office, a photo of the house or the lawyer's accommodation before we become a member, and we will follow up on the work of every lawyer in every case, say hello to the client assigned us to work.

We have the following teams:

Lawyers near you,  We have lawyers in each province to serve you. To save your money Without having to pay for travel or accommodation for our lawyers

A lawyer near the court, to save the highest attorney's wages, you choose to pay wages from time to time our lawyers can go to work for you.

An experienced lawyer, agreeing wages at the satisfaction of both parties.

Call us to schedule an appointment at Call Center 02 114 7522.

We are a team of lawyers in Bangkok and A team of lawyers in 77 provinces across the country.

We are a lawyer authorized to be a lawyer from the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

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